Justice in the Philippines is oftentimes elusive. The scales are tipped in favor of those in power and those with money, with many in power harboring hearts that are far away from God. The poor are trampled upon and the legitimate working citizen are also taken advantage of. Recently, corruption and injustice has permeated all sectors of society to the point that even legitimate businessmen and investors are prejudiced.

This situation behooves all the more members of the legal profession to seriously live up to the oaths we took to defend and uphold the Constitution and all the laws enacted in the country; to apply the law equally without fear or favor; and to be vigilant in standing up for the rights of all sectors of society, whether they be those less fortunate, or those who merely want to engage in legitimate livelihood. We must remind ourselves why the Lord created lawyers and the legal profession, that is, to ensure that justice and righteousness prevail, for after
all, our God is a God of justice and righteousness. Psalm 89:14 says: “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.”

Thus, to be salt upon the legal profession and to ensure, within his capacity, that justice and righteousness still prevail in the country, Atty. Reyes joined Advocates Philippines, a member of Advocates International. Advocates Philippines is guided in its mission and methods by Christ’s Good Samaritan parable. Working relationally, professionally, and spiritually with those in law and related professions, Advocates seeks to encourage and enable a global network of skilled advocates committed to religious liberty, human rights, conflict resolution, reconciliation, and professional ethics. It puts into practice at all levels the Samaritan Strategy as well as the Golden Rule which Jesus taught as summing up the law. Advocates identifies those “innkeepers” within a nation committed to advancing these objectives and connects them globally with those of like heart and mind. By the end of Year 2000, Advocates expects to have a network of skilled advocates in over 100 nations. Advocates is solely supported by friends committed to its mission and methods.

On top of this, Atty. Reyes is a member of Victory Christian Fellowship, which is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, Spirit-filled, disciple-making, mission-driven church that meets in twelve different locations in Metro Manila and has planted churches in over thirty-five other Philippine localities. It’s singular mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Victory is a member of the Every Nation worldwide family of churches and ministries, committed to honor God and advance His kingdom through church planting, campus ministry, and world missions. Every Nation has churches and ministries in more than forty-five nations on six continents.