In the Philippines, where the stability of courts and of all departments of government rests upon the approval of the people, it is peculiarly essential that the system for establishing and dispensing justice be developed to a high point of efficiency and so maintained that the public shall have absolute confidence in the integrity and impartiality of its administration. The future of the Republic, to a great extent, depends upon our maintenance of justice pure and unsullied. It cannot be so maintained unless the conduct and the motives of the members of our profession are such as to merit the approval of all just men.. Read More
“Reynaldo Dario”

Justice in the Philippines is oftentimes elusive. The scales are tipped in favor of those in power and those with money, with many in power harboring hearts that are far away from God. The poor are trampled upon and the legitimate working citizen are also taken advantage of. Recently, corruption and injustice has permeated all sectors of society to the point that even legitimate businessmen and investors are prejudiced .. Read More
“Rodolfo Reyes”

Water is a finite and valuable resource, essential to sustain life, development and the environment. It cannot be replenished as fast as it is consumed. Therefore, there is an urgent need to protect the resource by promoting its efficient use and preventing its waste.

Everyone in this world is a water user. The only difference is the purpose for which it is used and the way a person uses water. Unless earnest efforts are exerted, we hardly realize that such use is often prone to waste rather than conservation.. Read More
“J. Norman Hocson”